The Fulcrum Tool is a powerful ally for End-of-Day traders, because it will tell you when a stock or futures contract is decisively moving through support or resistance. And, it is especially powerful for trading in Real Time. Fulcrums are ideal for trading Consolidations, Support, and Resistance—places where a security pauses before resuming its primary move.

Fulcrum Module 2.0

The Most Powerful Tool Ever Created for Traders and Investors

What is a Fulcrum?

A Fulcrum is a level in the chart from which a strong move is likely to occur. These levels are based on the psychology of technical analysis. As price moves decisively through a level that everyone can see, others jump in, pushing prices further in the same direction. I call these lines in the sand Fulcrums because they act like points of leverage, with large market moves on either side.

Recent Fulcrum Trades

In late January, while most stocks were dropping, Amazon broke a
solid Fulcrum level. It rallied a healthy 30% from there.

This incredible trade on Big Lots was signaled after a Fulcrum at 16 was crossed
in early March, ahead of the major market rally. BIG gained 50% in this move.

The Power of Fulcrums CD Seminar

Ed Downs has been using Fulcrums for years. Now he shows you how to use them. In The Power of Fulcrumsseminar Ed illuminates everything he knows about using this powerful tool, drawing on his 20+ years of market experience.

In this seminar you will learn how to identify Fulcrum levels. Armed with these important visual clues, you will be ready to engage the market with the Fulcrum Module.

Seminar Agenda

  • The Profit Power of Fulcrums
  • Identifying the Explosive Moves
  • Fulcrums in End-of-Day Trading
  • Manage Your Stops using Fulcrum Trade Plans
  • Fire and Forget Trading
  • How to Make 1-2% a Day
  • Turbo Charge Your Trading with Signals AND Fulcrums
    using the NEW Fulcrum Strategies
  • Put the Odds in YOUR Favor