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This Month’s Featured Seminar: The Chart Pattern Trilogy

Chart Pattern TrilogyEd starts with a definition of The 7 Chart Patterns. He also explains the inherent structure that each has, making it easy to establish entry levels, initial stops and profit targets. With over 50 examples, this seminar lays the foundation for the other two.

In Using Chart Patterns in OmniTrader, the specifics of the tools are discussed, creating an awareness of the various options available in configuring the built-in Chart Pattern Recognition plus the CPRM module.

Finally, in Making Money with Chart Patterns, Ed puts it all together with concrete examples on how to use patterns to confirm and trade the best opportunities the market has to offer.


The 7 Chart Patterns

  • The Psychology of Patterns
  • How Pattern Structure Defines Entries, Targets and Stop Levels
  • Defining the 7 Chart Patterns

Using Chart Patterns in OmniTrader

  • Automatic Pattern Confirmation
  • Focus List Column Setups
  • Customized Strength Ratings
  • The Pattern Tutor

Making Money with Chart Patterns

  • Using the Drawing Tools
  • The Best Charts to Trade
  • Activate Only the Best Patterns
  • Key Patterns to Watch For
  • Patterns in Real Time
  • Trend-Following Trades

PLUS Chart Pattern Systems 3.0

  • CPRM3 vs. CPS 3.0
  • CPS 3.0 Systems and Strategies
  • Prospecting with CPS 3.0

Chart Pattern Trilogy: $199


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