CPRM is Advancing the State of the Art in Automatic Chart Pattern Recognition

Chart Pattern Recognition

One of the Most Powerful Trading Products Ever Released!

With seven important new patterns PLUS the ability to test the historical profitability of ALL patterns on your list, CPRM5 is sure to make a huge difference in your trading. Prepare to be amazed at the ‘moves’ CPRM5 identifies before they happen. This is what Technical Analysis is all about. 

No other product on the market does everything CPRM5 does:

  • CPRM5 identifies over 200 Patterns plus Candles
  • EASY to USE. Patterns are shown right in the Focus 
    List, making it easy to confirm Signals
  • Strength Ratings from the Patterns Database show 
    you the MOST PROFITABLE patterns
  • Forming Patterns help you see setups BEFORE they 
    turn into great trades
  • The Pattern Tutor shows you examples of all the chart patterns in your data—a great way to learn and gain confidence to pull the trigger on real trades
  • Micro Patterns Identify explosive short term moves
  • Individual Patterns 20 Consolidation Patterns AND 24 Candle Patterns classified according to strength
  • See the profitability of every pattern in your 
    list with the Chart Pattern PROFIT ANALYZER

7 NEW Patterns! PLUS All the Classic Patterns

  • Double Tops & Bottoms 
  • Triple Tops & Bottoms 
  • Channels
  • Cup & Handle 
  • Scallop 
  • Head & Shoulders 
  • (Trading) Ranges

Classic Patterns

  • Support Break
  • Support Reversal 
  • Breakaway Gap
  • Measured Gap
  • Exhaustion Gap
  • Resistance Break
  • Resistance Reversal 
  • Saucer Reversal 
  • Volume Climax
  • Volume Trend
  • Fibonacci Reversal 
  • Consolidation Breaks
  • Trend Line Break
  • Trend Line Reversal
  • Plus Candles!

Profitable Patterns Appear Automatically


Know WHICH Patterns are the Most Profitable on Your Symbols! The NEW Chart Pattern Profit Analyzer makes it easy to SEE which patterns have been the most profitable on your symbol list. Sub-patterns were released in CPRM3. As a result, and with the 7 new patterns introduced in CPRM4, there are literally hundreds of patterns to choose from. So now, what we really wanted to know, “Which patterns are the best (i.e., most profitable) to use?” CPRM5 provides the answer!

Includes the Pattern Tutor: Learn as you Earn

Quickly and easily learn about the power of the patterns while you use the program to trade.

The education provided by the Pattern Tutor is worth getting CPRM - all by itself.