Consistent Gains with Low Drawdowns

T3 Power Suite

Building Wealth in Minutes a Day

This collection of Strategies is focused on high returns AND reduction of risk. The T3 Strategy Suite was designed to generate steady gains and low drawdowns. T3 is a wealth building Strategy. Put it to work today!

The T3 Power Suite is a collection of Strategies that demonstrates a 25% return per year for the past ten years with remarkably low drawdowns. What makes T3 so unique is that it combines high returns with preservation of capital. It’s the perfect balance of aggressive and defensive trading.

The T3 Strategies look for temporary pullbacks in the market, placing Long Trades on the probability of a reaction rally. This concept is called Reversion to Mean or R2M. The R2M principle simply states that markets trend about 80% of the time. However, within these trends there are pullbacks that create temporary oversold conditions.

The goal is to identify these pullbacks precisely at the moment they appear oversold to the market—and then buy them just ahead of the rebound. We hold the position just long enough
to capture the reaction move and take a profit.

Seminar Included:

Winning with T3 Seminar

The T3 Power Suite is one of our greatest breakthroughs in Trading Strategy technology. Included with T3 is a special seminar entitled Winning with T3 that explains how to use the software to generate consistent gains in a managed account.

We have set up computers here at Nirvana Systems to run T3 through OmniPilot, the automation program that comes with OmniTrader Professional.

This detailed seminar will show you PRECISELY how to apply the Strategies in day-to-day trading AND how to set up OmniPilot to fully automate your investment portfolio with T3! ($199 value)