Plug-Ins include Indicators, Strategies, and Seminars that relate to a specific technical trading method, and are delivered as a package.


Featured Plug-ins

  • CPRM5

    Chart Pattern Recognition Module provides the state of the art in chart pattern recognition. Choose from over 200 chart patterns to have the most profitable setups delivered straight to your desktop.

  • Money Zone 2.0

    The secrets of the Pros have been revealed with the Money Zone 2.0 Module. Now you will be able to see and play the same levels that professional have been profiting from for years.

  • Dynamic Profit Module

    The Dynamic Profit Module uses cycle analysis to project the next move - in price and time. By analyzing how a market has moved in the past, the module can calculate where and when the next reversal point is most likely to occur and provide price targets.

  • Intrinsic Trend Module

    The Intrinsic Trend Trading Module is a much needed combination of tools and Strategies that is going to empower you to identify those stocks and ETFs that are in a trend following mode so you can profit from them. ITM is the complete trend trading solution.

Other Plug-ins