MarketScans offers an array of powerful features, including pre and post-market scanning, that allows you to find the best stocks that suit your trading style.



MarketScans brings incredible power to your fingertips and empowers you to find the best candidates that fit your trading seconds! MarketScans offers a wealth of tools to help you find the best possible opportunities, including over 100 technical indicators, fundamental criteria, the ability to scan in pre and post-market hours, multiple timeframe scanning, and charting capabilities. MarketScans is extremely powerful and amazingly nimble. Our platform helps you identify the very best candidates that suit your particular trading approach. With MarketScans, you can scan the entire market for stocks that meet your specific criteria – in any timeframe! Plus, you can scan pre and post-market hours to find stocks ahead of the crowd, use our integrated charting, and even export your stock lists!

  • 40 Pre-Built Scans
  • Create Custom Scans
  • Pre and Post-Market Scanning
  • Multiple Timeframe Scanning
  • Integrated Charting
  • Over 100 Technical Indicators
  • Dozens of Fundamental Fields
  • Scan Over 10,000 Stocks
  • Export Stock Lists

Real-Time Scanning

MarketScans offers powerful, real-time scanning abilities that you can use across any universe of stocks.
Scan in numerous timeframes using technical and fundamental criteria – with just one click!

Canned Scans

MarketScans comes with a wealth of canned scans, so all you have to do is click one button to begin
sending the best candidates to the top of your screen. Scanning an entire market has never been so easy!

Build Custom Scans

Want to create your own custom scans? MarketScans gives you a powerful, yet simple, interface
to create your own custom scans, using both technical and fundamental criteria. You have access
to a huge library of technical indicators and fundamental fields!

Pre/Post-Market Scanning

MarketScans also offers the ability to scan in three different sessions – pre-market, post-market,
and during regular trading hours. Now you can scan for the market that YOU want to trade!

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