Real-Time Data

OmniData Real-Time Service is Efficient, Reliable, and Affordable.

Here's What You Get

  • A high-performance, real-time streaming datafeed that brings the market to your workstation, desktop computer or notebook.
  • Comprehensive: Stocks level Includes all major US equities, indexes.
  • Fast Charting Capabilities: Built with the demands of OmniTrader and VisualTrader in mind, charts download quickly and switching timeframes is a snap.
  • Efficient: Incorporates the freshest approach to today's demands placed on streaming financial and market data applications.
  • Low latency: Receives Tier 1 feed via rare combination of blazing compression speed and an astonishingly high compression ratio.
  • Reliable: Receives data from reliable Tier 1 provider with multiple redundant data centers.
  • Affordable: OmniData Real-Time is priced lower than the competition

OmniData Real-Time Pricing

OmniData RT Basic Service:


OmniData End-of-day Service:

Free w/OmniData RT Basic Service ($19.95/ value)

OmniScan End-of-day:

Free w/OmniData RT Basic Service ($9.95/ value)**

*Exchange Fees Extra for Real-Time Data
**Free for a limited time only with OmniData RT Basic Service!

Why We Are Required To Collect Exchange Fees?
Exchange fees are monthly fees charged by all financial exchanges for the right to view real time quote information. The Exchange fees are set by the exchanges plus there is an additional administration fee set by Nirvana Systems.

Every individual or organization with access to real time quotes either pays exchange fees themselves or has those fees paid on their behalf. This fee cannot be prorated or waived and no discounts can be applied to the exchange fees. We are required to collect it at the time we turn on your real time data feed.

Are You A Professional or Non-Professional ?
If you answer yes to any of these three questions, you must pay professional exchange fees. If you answer no to all three, then you qualify for non-professional exchange fees.

Are you SEC registered or qualified?

Are you an investment advisor?

Are you subscribing for business use?

Stocks and Indexes

Exchange Fees












OPRA Indexes
(what’s included)



Dow Jones Indexes
(what’s included)

$0.00 (Included w/Stocks)

$0.00 (Included w/Stocks)

Market Breadth Indexes
(what’s included)

$0.00 (Included w/Stocks)

$0.00 (Included w/Stocks)

Market Data Express
(what’s included)

$0.00 (Included w/Stocks)

$0.00 (Included w/Stocks)