Trading Floor Pivots in End of Day and Real Time.

Trade Secrets Vol 1 - Floor Pivots

Chart Pattern TrilogyTrade Secrets Vol 1 - Floor Pivots

In each volume, we disclose a powerful method in three ways, (1) the theory or background of the method, (2) the precise definition of the method, and (3) how to use the examples. The goal of each Trading Secrets volume is to provide specific information that OmniTrader users can use to identify profitable setups and convert them into Strategies.

In this seminar, we discuss the history of Floor Pivots and the various interpretations, including the use of Major and Minor lines. All the formulas used to calculate the Pivots are also disclosed.

The Floor Pivots used on the exchanges are always based on the prior session to create levels for the current session, in Real Time. But we have discovered that, by using weekly or monthly bar values, we can create outstanding pivot levels for trading End-of-Day as well. Both approaches are covered in the seminar. Our goal in the volume is to illuminate the art of Floor Pivot trading, so you can plot the levels in OmniTrader and be ready to take action as a key level is reached.

Seminar Outline 

  • Introduction to Floor Pivots
  • Swing Trading Daily Pivots
  • Refining Key Breakouts
  • Reversal Pivot Signals
  • Trade Management Tactics

Nirvana’s Trading Secrets Volume 1
Trading Floor Pivots in End of Day and Real Time: $149


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