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The Power of Trade Plans

The Power of Trade Plans
on CD by Angela Duran

Profiting with Market BreadthWith the right Trade Plan, you can engage true Fire and Forget trading in your charts – find a symbol you want to trade, fire off a Trade Plan and go to lunch! 

There are many aspects to this powerful OmniTrader feature and this seminar will explain how to use them all. You’ll learn how to take maximum advantage of all the features including Virtual Conditions and Broker Orders. Plus you’ll see some great examples of Trade Plans that perform specific jobs in the market. Of all the amazing technology in OmniTrader, Trade Plans is perhaps the most important from a money making perspective. This seminar will give you fresh ideas on how to maximize your profitability using Trade Plans. 

Seminar Outline

  • The Power of Trade Plans
  • Creating Trade Plans
  • Trade Plans for Different Time Frames
  • Using Trade Plans to Engage the Market
  • Broker Stops vs. Virtual Conditions

The Power of Trade Plans Seminar: $49.95


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