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The Matrix

Profiting with Market BreadthThe Matrix Seminar
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Have you ever wondered what you should be trading? The answer comes from these three factors: risk tolerance, experience and trading frequency. By deciding what your trading objective is, how much risk is acceptable to you and a few other factors, you can calculate a "score" that represents your risk factors. With that score, the Matrix can suggest a trading vehicle that will work for you.

The Matrix is a methodical way of combining risk frequency and experience into a simple view. The seminar will give you a good overview of vehicles that are available, and what their risk profiles look like. It also helps clarify your trading options and will make you a more confident trader.

Matrix ChartIn the seminar, we score several "typical" investors according to their risk profiles, as in this example on the right.

We then use this score to look up the appropriate trading vehicle in the Matrix (not shown), according to the investor's objectives and risk factor score.

What Should You Be Trading?

The Matrix

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