OmniTrader works well in all markets and those who master this software are consistently winning in their trading. What distinguishes our most successful traders from the crowd?

Trading Success with OmniTrader

Trading Success with OmniTrader

Profiting with Market BreadthOmniTrader can get you in the zone to trade the market faster than any other software – it only takes a few minutes to populate a Focus List and get actionable signals. But it is what the investor does with this information that makes the difference. In this seminar, you will learn how to use OmniTrader to find the best opportunities, isolate the best setups and use the tools inside the software. This is a “how to trade” seminar. It was created to help our customers trade with the program by answering a number of important questions such as, “Which list should I run in OmniTrader?” and “How do I determine which trading strategies are likely to be the most effective?”

Once you get the best candidates to trade, you can put the odds further in your favor by confirmation the trades with market and sector direction and look for additional confirmation from other timeframes. By aligning yourself with the flow you can dramatically improve trading results in virtually any market environment.

Then when you are ready to pull the trigger, you will benefit from the effective use of Trade Plans - the most powerful money management invention ever devised. Understanding how to create Trade Plans and how to apply them effectively will give you the confidence you need to engage any market using these tools.

Our seminar team will take you step-by-step down the Path to Trading Success using OmniTrader. The methods taught are those actually used by our trading team here at Nirvana. And they are presented in a concise and easy to understand format, so you can begin applying the techniques right away in your trading.

Seminar Agenda

1. The OmniTrader Advantage

  • The Secret of Profitable Trading
  • How to Find Good Opportunities
  • Finding the Best Setups
  • The Three Step Process

2. Finding Stocks That Make Money

  • Good Stock Lists Mean Better Trades
  • The Best OmniScan Lists
  • Creating Your Own OmniScan List
  • Using OmniScan to Find Great Setups

3. The OmniTrader Trading Strategy

  • The Trading Strategy Concept
  • OmniTrader’s Trading Strategies
  • Customizing a Trading Strategy
  • How to Evaluate a Strategy’s Performance

4. Market, Sector and Timeframe Confirmation

  • Trading with Least Technical Risk
  • Determining Current Market Sentiment
  • Visual and Automated Market Confirmation
  • Using Sector and Group Confirmation

5. Trade Management

  • Importance of Good Trade Management
  • The Components of a Good Trade Plan
  • Trade Plans in Action
  • Lab Mode Session

6. The Art and Science of Money Management

  • Why Money Management is Important
  • Using Allocation Methods to Evaluate Trading Strategies
  • How to Decide Which is Bes

Trading Success with OmniTrader: $299


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