An all-inclusive educational powerhouse, this series is geared toward kick-starting your learning curve through a systematic progression that takes you to a Master level.

Trade Master Series for ProfitBands


Profiting with Market Breadth In keeping with the prestige of the Trade Master Series, this package includes two powerful presentations on CD that will help you trade like a Pro with ProfitBands!

Mastering the Strategies

A powerful course that is geared toward jump-starting your knowledge of the VWAP strategies, while introducing techniques that will allow you to tailor each strategy to your trading style. In addition, you’ll also learn how to incorporate VWAP Bands and VWAP Pivots into any strategy for improved results.

The ProfitBands strategies offer amazing signals based on the VWAP Bands and VWAP Pivots indicators. We’ll go under the hood of these strategies so you will understand how the signals are generated, filtered, and confirmed, enabling you to trade them with confidence.

The strategies were designed with accuracy and versatility in mind. They were built for easy customization, so we’ll teach you how to select interchangeable Trade Plans to arrive at results that suit your trading style. We’ll also show you how to increase or decrease the number of signals that are generated using one-click filtering!


A Professional Approach
This course is packed with trading tips and techniques that are designed to take your knowledge of VWAP to a Master Level. This presentation will guide you through concepts that range from identifying value opportunities to developing a pro-style trade management approach.

It will teach you how to use the VWAP indicators to identify value opportunities. Deciphering overbought and oversold levels is the cornerstone to profitable trading, and we’ll help you understand exactly what to look for when entering and exiting trades.

We’ll walk you through a professional approach to incorporate VWAP in your trading - in any market condition. We’ll show you exactly which tools to use for trending and trading range markets. In addition, we’ll also teach you how to incorporate multiple timeframe confirmation and confluence in your trading. You will also learn how to use the VWAP Bands indicator to identify the best discretionary entries, in addition to using them for trade management. The flexibility of this tool is phenomenal, and we’ll show you how to use it to find the best entries in varying market conditions and how to apply risk management to your trades.


Mastering the Strategies

  • Mastering the ProfitBands Strategies
  • Identifying the Perfect VWAP Signal
  • Which Indicators Provide the Best Signals
  • One-Click Strategy Construction
  • Choosing the Right Trade Management
  • Enhancing Your Strategies with VWAP


A Professional Approach

  • Learn the Power behind ProfitBands
  • Understand How the Pros Use VWAP
  • Use ProfitBands for Discretionary Trading
  • Learn Pro-Style Trade Management
  • Use VWAP in Any Market Condition
  • Multiple Timeframe Analysis and Confluence

TRADE MASTER Series for ProfitBands: $395


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