Find the Profits in any Market!

Advanced CycleTrader

Detect the Personality of the Market

The Market Mode Indicator lets you know whether the market is in a bullish trend, a bearish trend, or a cyclical trading range, increasing your chances of success regardless of trading style or timeframe.

Visualize the Market Waves

Our Heatmaps bring the cycles to life with a vivid display that takes the guesswork out of cycle analysis.

Profit with Cycle Signals

New CycleTrader Strategies allow you to pinpoint entries and exits with amazing precision.


  • Market Mode Indicator
    Allows you to detect the current personality (mode) of the Market
    increasing your odds of trading success
  • New CycleTrader Strategies
    Generate extremely accurate Signals in End-of-Day and Real Time
  • New Cycle Drawing Tool & Heatmaps
    Improve trading outcomes by visualizing the market waves
  • New Indicators and Systems Suite including the Spectrum Indicator
    Dynamically adapt to conditions in the current market across multiple timeframes

Advanced CycleTrader (ACT) uses Digital Signal Processing to find and adapt to the strongest market cycles. In this illustration, the RSI Heatmap shows a medium-term market cycle. The red area indicates cycle lows and the green area indicates cycle highs. Our ACT Strategies utilize the same technology to provide excellent reversal trade opportunities.

From Dow Theory to Elliot Wave analysis, traders have spent years building trading methods to predict the cyclical behavior of markets.

In theory the approach is simple. When you identify a consistent cycle in the market, you buy at the trough and sell at the peak. The problem is that often times it is difficult to identify a consistent cycle because it is buried in noise or swamped by a trend.

Advanced CycleTrader’s revolutionary approach to cycle analysis uses the power of modern Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques to accurately identify these elusive cycles and know when to trade them.

The power of DSP allows CycleTrader to pinpoint cycle highs and lows with amazing precision. This results in more responsive indicators and systems that are more accurate and less prone to whipsaws. ACT includes tools that identify the best cycles to trade, and even tells you the strength and stability of these cycles.

All of this firepower has been harnessed to create Cycle Trading Strategies. Simply turn them on and turbocharge your trading with the amazing power of DSP.

INCLUDED: The POWER of Cycle Trading

A Comprehensive Seminar by Jeremy Williams

Market Cycles Demystified

Advanced technology deserves advanced education. That is why we are including our newest seminar, The Power of Cycle Trading, with your purchase of Advanced CycleTrader. In this seminar, Jeremy Williams, Nirvana Systems’ Strategy Research Specialist, helps you advance your trading by presenting a comprehensive view of cycle analysis. From the basics of the science to trading with ACT, he shows you everything you need to get started in order to profit from these market swings. Jeremy also discusses the ACT Trading Strategies and shows how to use Heatmaps in order to confirm the signals that have the highest likelihood for success.

SEMINAR TOPICS · Introduction to DSP

  • Detecting Cycles
  • Using Heatmaps
  • Personalities of Markets
  • Detecting Market Mode
  • Cycle Adaptive Indicators
  • Confirmation of Cycle Signals
  • CycleTrader Strategies