Put the Odds In Your Favor In Any Timeframe

TradeScope Module

TradeScope Shows You the Odds

Imagine the power of instantly knowing the probability of a stock’s NEXT MOVE and seeing that information right on your charts! That’s the TradeScope advantage.

You’re going to see the exact information you need to help you make profitable trading decisions every time you bring up a chart! TradeScope shows probability of movement based on measuring past occurrences of a given setup. The scale shows the probability of reaching various price levels, based on the setup that exists on the right edge of the chart and evaluating similar setups in the past.

With TradeScope, you will know:

  • The most likely direction of movement
  • How far the stock is poised to move
  • Whether the trend is likely to continue
  • The probability of a gap fill
  • The strength of a breakout move

The first time you use TradeScope you’ll ask, “How did I ever trade without it?”

This TradeScope was activated on OXY on October 5. The scope indicated there was a very high probability of an upside move, with 80% probability of the chart rising 5% and a 70% probability of a 10% move. There was only a 21% probability of moving back to support at 66. The outcome: The stock completed its reversal and moved up nearly 20%!


For End-of-Day traders, we have developed four specific TradeScopes to use in conjunction with your trading strategies. TradeScope not only helps you confirm the best Signals, but it also guides you with stop placement. TradeScope includes the following End-of-Day Scopes:

Breakout By looking at the strength of the Breakout and the state of the market, the Breakout TradeScope will determine the likelihood of a move in your favor.

Reversal The Reversal TradeScope is custom made to work with the various Nirvana strategies that fire Reversal Signals, helping you determine if the market is poised to make a significant reversal move in the next week.

Trending Regardless of where price is in the current trend, the Trending TradeScope will look at similar market conditions in the past to determine the chance of the trend continuing.

Three Day Outlook A Swing Traders dream! The Three Day Outlook TradeScope will show you how the current setup is poised to move in the next three trading sessions.

The Three Day Outlook TradeScope is great at identifying high probability Swing Trades, as it did here on NOV. The TradeScope showed a 75% probability of an upside move.


If you trade during the session, TradeScope can be used to identify the most likely direction the market will move, the potential size of the move, and the probabilities of overtaking various chart levels. We provide three powerful Real Time TradeScopes:

RT Gap By looking at the size of the day’s opening gap in relation to short term price movement, RT Gap shows you the probability of filling the gap or a move in the direction of the gap.

RT Day Considers how the market has moved in the last three trading sessions to determine where it is likely to go in the current session.

RT Range Helps you determine the probability of making a large move by looking at recent volatility. You can easily find the stocks that are prepared to make the big directional moves, allowing you to focus on trades with the highest
profit potential.

Is the market ready to post a significant gain, or is it due for a pullback? And how far is it poised to move? TradeScope answers both questions for you!

At the Open on October 11, the RT Range TradeScope predicted an upward move in GOOG, which it then made.

INCLUDED: Improving Your Odds with TradeScope

Create Custom TradeScopes in Minutes!

With your TradeScope purchase, you also get our CD seminar Improving Your Odds with TradeScope. The seminar shows you how to effectively use our canned TradeScopes AND how to create your own Scopes based on technical ideas you may be using. This seminar will arm you with the knowledge you need to start using TradeScope immediately and effectively.