Leverage your Time and Your Money!


Make More Money - Spend Less Time.

Trading for quick gains is one way to steadily increase the value of your portfolio. But there is a different way to approach the market that requires much less time and can provide similar returns.

It’s called position trading—the art of entering positions in stocks and ETFs as they are being accumulated and staying in the trades as long as the trend remains intact.

The beauty of position trading is it doesn’t require daily trading activity. You simply add new positions as old ones get stopped out, which happens infrequently.

PositionTrader easily finds great position trading candidates each and every day (or week) of the market.

Included with PositionTrader

Specialized OmniScans

Basing Scan – Identifies stocks and ETFs that are showing signs of a good basing pattern, ready for the Basing Strategy to fire Signals on them.
Continuation Scan – Finds candidates that have shown they are strong relative to the market and in a good uptrend, setting the stage for the special Continuation Strategy to fire Signals.

Targeted Strategies

Basing Strategy – Generates Signals on Stocks and ETFs that are poised to start an extensive upward move.
Continuation Strategy – Generates Signals when a strong stock or ETF breaks out in a continued trend.

Advanced Trade Plans

The 3 provided Trade Plans – Tight, Medium, Loose – enable investors to use the Trade Plan that best meets their specific investment objectives.


The Plug-In comes with the Introduction to PositionTrader CD, a great resource to get you going with PositionTrader.